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NEW Employee Wellness Form - due to HR by 11/30/2022

In-Network Provider Search 


Health Costs for 2022:

2022 Deductible: $750 Individual / $1,500 Family

Remember, when you go to the doctor and need an allergy test, allergy injection ,Labs, x-ray, diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT scans, etc.), mental health services, PT/OT, chiropractic care, etc., you will FIRST need to fulfill your deductible before costs will be covered 100%!

Medical Care


     Phone: 866.893.4472

     Address:  Trustmark Health Benefits, P.O Box 2920, Clinton, IA 52733-2920

Trustmark Home Page

2022 PMSD Summary of Benefits & Coverage

Physician Providers Search    Office Visit $15   Specialist $45 

Urgent Care Provider Search   $40

Behavioral Health Providers

Mental Health/Behavioral Health


Employee Assistance Program- Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services 

     When You Call   

    EAP Brochure

    Penn Manor EAP FAQs

PRE-CERTIFICATION.   Call 866.884.6819 for authorization.  You/physicians must call 15 days prior to all non-urgent care elective admissions. Call within 48 hours or next business day for an urgent care admission, and prior to a home healthcare service.

If pre-certification is not obtained, a penalty of $300 could apply.
Inpatient Admissions (hospital, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, transplant)
Home Health Care (including infusions)
Hospice Care

Expectant Mother/Special Delivery.  Call 888.785.2229

General Information

Guide to Accessing

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Trustmark Health Claim Form 

Teladoc Information:    

Did You Know

You've Got Teladoc

Talk To A Doctor Anytime

Getting Started with Teladoc


Express Scripts    ph. 844.730.2004

Talk to a Pharmacist – 800.922.1557

Pharmacy Locator, Drug Listing, Exclusion, Alternatives

Preferred Formulary List

2023 Formulary Exclusions

Express Scripts:  Transitioning/FAQ   

Getting Started with Home Delivery 

Prescription Drug Reimbursement Form

Express Scripts Pharmacy Prescription Order Form

Price a Medication

Instructions for Completing the Benefit Coverage Request Form

Benefit Coverage Request Form

FSA Information

FSA Account Management

Accessing the FSA Mobile App

FSA Reimbursement Form

FSA Direct Deposit Form


2022 Wellness Certificate Form

PMEA Sick Bank

3D Mammogram Information

Learn & Earn Program 

Learn & Earn Refund Request Form 

Active & Fit (Gym Membership): 

     Joining Act & Fit

     Member FAQs

     Client Program Q & A 


FMLA Policy & Procedures 

Member Appeal Process/Member Complaint Form
See Theresa Chiodi with concerns

Vision Care

Amount $300, no carry over.  Send receipts to

NEW Discount Program:  Aetna Signature Vision Program

Vision Discount Plan Cards

Discount Flyer

Discount Plan

Process from CBA

Delta Dental

Enrollment Form

Claim Form

Benefit Coverage

Benefit Highlights

Payroll Deduction

6 Essential Dental Routine Steps

Dentist Search 

Delta Dental Contact Information   1-800-932-0783

Orthodontic Benefits