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PMEA Rep. Council

4:00 @ Manor Middle School

February 24th, 2015

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BFF is looking for pictures of the staff in the community.

Please send picts to wardell.jackson

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President's Message
President's Payday Reminder 2/25/2015:

Dear Members:

This payday reminder is chock full of important info.  Please read!

Contact Congress Regarding "No Child Left Behind" Reauthorization:  NEA (the National Education Association - our parent Association) has activated the link below to help get our expert opinion heard by Congress regarding the reauthorization of ESEA (Elementary and Secondary Education Act), otherwise known as "No Child Left Behind."  Please go on the link below today and be heard! 

 I have also attached a handout from PSEA that I received at our Lancaster County Coordinating Council (LCCC) meeting two weeks ago regarding PSEA's and NEA's position on the reauthorization of ESEA.

Tell Congress to Get ESEA Right!


equity-image (1)

Right now, Congress is reauthorizing the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) — America’s cornerstone education legislation – and they need to hear the voice of educators and parents across the country!

Volunteers Needed for PMEA Scholarship Committee:  If you would be willing to give up your time for ONEmeeting to help select the recipients of this year's PMEA scholarships, please e-mail Christine Kinderwater, who is our acting chair this year.  The meeting will be held Wednesday, April 8, at 4:00 p.m. at Eshleman Elementary.  We would love to have volunteers from each level (elementary, middle, and high school) participate.  Chris will send you the applications to review prior to the meeting.  Thank you!

LCCC Legislative Dinner:  The Lancaster County Coordinating Council (LCCC) of PSEA is holding a dinner at theEden Resort on Thursday, March 12, at 5:30 p.m. for any interested member who would like an opportunity to have local legislators hear their opinions about public education issues.  Attached is the flyer with the details. 

The dinner choices are the following entrees: (1) Marinated London Broil (2) Stuffed Breast of Chicken (3) Vegetarian Entrée 

The cost of the dinner is only $10 per person. 

All State Representatives, State Senators, and Congressmen who represent portions of Lancaster County have been invited to attend this dinner; however, not all have responded or are able to attend.  Below is the list of confirmations.

  1. US Senator Robert P. Casey
  2. US Senator Patrick Toomey – not attending
  3. US Representative Joseph Pitts
  4. US Representative Pat Meehan   attending Maureen Quinn, Alternate
  5. Sen. Ryan Aument
  6. Sen. Lloyd Smucker
  7. Rep. Jim Cox – not attending
  8. Rep. Bryan Cutler – attending
  9. Rep. Mindy Fee – not attending
  10. Rep. Mark Gillen – attending with wife Kim, represents only Brecknock Twp in ELANCO in Lancaster County
  11. Rep. Keith Greiner – not attending
  12. Rep. David Hickernell – not attending
  13. Rep. Steven Mentzer – not attending
  14. Rep. Brett Miller – not attending
  15. Rep. Michael Sturla
  16. Rep. David Zimmerman – not attending
  17. Gov. Tom Wolf
  18. Lt. Gov. Michael Stack – not attending
  19. Secretary of Education Pedro Rivera – attending (5:30-6:00)


You will have an opportunity to meet and talk with the legislators informally before and during dinner. After dinner, an informal question/answer/discussion period will be held with the legislators on selected topics. It is understood that while we do not expect to be 100% in agreement with the legislators’ positions regarding issues impacting education, it is important to facilitate a positive relationship with them. With that intent in mind, we hope that discussions with the legislators will be civil and constructive. 

Checks for $10 should be made payable to Lancaster County Coordinating Council and sent to me at Manor Middle.  This Friday, February 27, is the cut-off for registration.  Even though your check may not make it to me by then, I must have a firm commitment to e-mail our PSEA office on Friday, so e-mail me if you want to attend and let me know your dinner choice.

Health Care Update:   Attached you will find this month's health care report and the PPO Plan Summary document (this summarizes our financial responsibilities for each health care category).  Please read over each document.  Don't forget #4 on the monthly report - Eye Med - many members have saved hundreds of dollars using this discount program.

PMEA Website:  Our Webmaster, Erick Dutchess, will be posting items on the "Buy and Sell" section of our website (  Please send an e-mail to  Don't forget that you can access our current contract on our site, as well as the current prescription drug lists.

March Representative Council Meeting:  The February PMEA meeting is scheduled for Thursday, March 26, at 4:00 p.m. in the Manor Middle Faculty Room.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Fair
Penn Manor Education Association
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PMEA Spotlight

Penn Manor Guidance Department recently present information as a school board meeting about programs and functions of the guidance department on career readiness. Thanks Melissa Ostrowski for presenting and providing us with information.

PMSD Counseling Department K-12 College and Career Readiness



Grade 5—4 Lessons—PA Career Education and Work Standards


Grade 7—Career Day,

                  Career Exploration Lesson


Grade 8—Career Day,

                  Two Career Exploration Lessons,

                  Career Shadowing


Grade 9—Importance of 4-Year Planning/HS Success Lesson,

                 Graduation Project Lesson

Grade 10-10th grade Academic Success,

                 Intro to PSAT testing,  PSAT results interpretation

                 CTC Cluster Information,

                 Dual Enrollment Workshop,      

                 CTC Tours,

Grade 11- College Application Process Assembly,

                 Financial Aid Workshop,

                 PSAT Testing-Pre and Post Testing instruction and interpretation,


                 Dual Enrollment Workshop,      

                 Stevens Program Presentation and tour,

                 SAT and ACT site administration,

                 CTC Presentation, CTC Tours,


                Individual 11th Grade Interview—late winter/spring of Junior Year

                        Includes making sure on target with all planning-credits, NCAA, Honors

                        Make sure transcript is accurate/updated with activities,

                        Guide course selection decisions,

                        Identify goals, outline process for steps needed to work toward goals,

                        Teach/Model/ how and where to locate information on post-secondary                                  options,

                        Advise on school visit, selection and entrance requirements,                 

                        Provide supporting website, printed materials,

                        Information sent home to families


Grade 12- FAFSA PIN Sign -ups,

                  Parchment Lesson,


                  Undecided Senior Meetings and Tour options,- HACC,           Stevens, CareerLink,                                     CTC Adult Education,

                  Senior Interview: Goal Setting with student post-secondary plan,

                                               Clarifying options, deadlines, requirements for application,

                                                Ensuring transcript is up to date and submitted,

                                                NCAA deadlines met,

                                                Scholarship information shared,

                                                FAFSA assistance



Provided to grades 9-12—Education Day, Career Seminars, Course Selection Presentations and Advising, Parchment Electronic Transcript Service, Updated PMHS Counseling Blog with significant Scholarship page,  on site ACT, SAT, PSAT, AP testing, Financial Aid Night, Community Service Resource List,



9-12 Career Oriented Graduation Project: 

Grade 9          Complete Career Matchmaker interest inventory,

                        Create a Resume,

Grade 10       School Comparison activity,

                        Informational Career Interviews,

                        Update Resume,

Grade 11       Career Shadowing,

                        Community Service,

                        Update Resume

Grade 12       Reflection Paper




Parent Offerings:

Education Day

Financial Aid Night

My Smart Borrowing Workshop

FAFSA Completion Workshop

Planning meetings as requested



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