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PMEA Rep. Council

2014-15 TBA

BFF announcements

BFF is looking for pictures of the staff in the community.

Please send picts to wardell.jackson

School Board Meetings:  Link

June 16 @ Eshelman

July 14 @ Eshelman

Aug 16 @ Eshelman or Manor  TBD

Sept  2 : Tuesday

Sept  15

Oct 6

Oct 20



Formulary LIST Health America Jan 1st, 2014. pdf. will download

Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Women’s Preventive Services  .jpeg will download posted 8/20/12

In network Urgent Care facilities - updated Oct 4, 2013. pdf will down load.

President's Message
President's Payday Reminder 5/7/2014:

Dear Members:

Attached please find the minutes for the April PMEA Representative Council meeting.  If you have any questions/revisions regarding the minutes, please contact our Secretary, Amy Niemkiewicz.

Act 48 Hours:  At our April PMEA meeting, Act 48 questions were posed.  Dell Jackson contacted Dr. Shaffer with some of these questions and below are the responses.  Also, I have attached an FAQ sheet from PDE that provides additional information.

Could you check on our Act 48 hours for PM? Penn Manor uploads to TIMS in June in order to have all of the recent year's (2013-2014) Act 48 Continuing Professional Development Hours. This has not occurred this year as of this time.  

If a teacher attends all of our in-services, will he/she get enough hours in for their Act 48 hours? See FAQ Sheet question #2 Teachers need 180 hours over a five year period of time. Penn Manor truly attempts to provide enough professional development hours for this to occur. For example, the following secondary hours will count as Act 48 hours for the upcoming school year:
6.0 hours 8/18 - Opening Day
6.0 hours 8/19 - Department Day with curriculum and SLO overview
6.0 hours 8/20 - Secondary Building Level Day
12.0 hours Flexible Dates- Two Department Days
6.0 hours 10/24 - Data Day
6.0 hours  Flexible Dates/Hours 
7 days @ 6.0 hours = 42 hours yearly X 5 years = 210 hours

It is not a guarantee, though, as there could be changes in state requirements regarding what types of in-service are eligible for Act 48 credits.

Also could you check on the number of hours a 3-credit grad course would give our teachers? Please see FAQ Sheet Page 7 bullet 3 for specifics regarding higher education institution hours.

Is there a warning from PDE if a teacher does not complete the hours within the 5 year time frame?  Yes, see FAQ Sheet question #4


If you have not done so recently, please go online and check your Act 48 hours.  The easiest way to do so is to go to then go to the bottom of the page under "PDE Online Services."  Click on Act 48.  You will need your PPID number.  If you don't have it handy, you can get it on the site with your Social Security Number. 

PMEA Elections:  Results will be disseminated electronically this week. 

PMEA Website:  Dell Jackson will be posting items on the "Buy and Sell" section of our website (  Please send him an e-mail at  Don't forget that you can access our current contract and health care information on our site.

May Representative Council Meeting: The April meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 22, at 4:00 p.m. at Symposium Restaurant.  All members are welcome to attend.

Mary Kay

Mary Kay Fair
Penn Manor Education Association

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PMEA Spotlight

PM CARES (Penn Manor Collecting And Redistributing Essential Supplies)

For 6 years now PMEA has been working closely with the PM school social workers and supplying essential supplies to our Penn Manor families in need. We always appreciate monetary donations and donations of products. Working with support from administration, staff and teachers hold a dress down day once a year. All donations are given to our families.

Any donations of products can be dropped off at any PM school. Mark them "Peg Murr - Hambright" and they can be delivered in the school mail. Monetary donations can be written out to Penn Manor Education Association. In the memo section, please write PM CARES.

This service project is separate from the Penn Manor Family Fund (which also helps our families).

Donations that are distributed are: Qtips, dish soap, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, deodorant, hand soap, bar soap, toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, sponges, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, cleaning products, shaving creams, razors, feminine hygiene products, resealable plastic bags (large and small), foil, trash bags, napkins.

Thank you for your continued support of this project. Our families are very appreciative!

~ Peg Murr


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